Saturday, 16 June 2007

introducing... the new life in me

wow! 6 weeks already!? that was how young the fetus in my tummy is :-) we have been trying for few months already and almost got used to 'tak jadi lagi?'. anyway, the 'double-lines' on the pregnancy test kit gave us a shock last week, especially when i do not have the normal signs of pregnancy. i used to have nausea and headache and vomiting, etc. but no, not this time. (thank God! --> and I hope it'll remain like this) just tiredness and restless at times during night time...

this time, i do have cravings too but i eat a LOT! my appetite just increase like crazy! i can't even fit in my work pants anymore. :-(( and the fetus is only like 7 weeks old (like the size of a grape). i'm eating whatever i feel like eating and crave for 'telur penyu' too. hehehhe.... (kesian my hubby, kena cari like crazy... --> i love u, bang. keep on searching kay!)

well, last week my dad-in-law had to search along the way to Seremban for 'mempelam muda' for me. then when he found them at somebody's house, he asked for them and they gave like a plastic bag of it. so, my mum-in-law, sis-in-law (yea, them too) and me were attacking them later. and we all do the genyit-genyit mata lah, while eating with garam and also gula & kicap (you know what i mean, masam la). :-))

well, not much to say about this pregnancy yet. i pray that the baby and i will be fine and everything will go on smooth later (especially during labor... OWH!!) as for now, i've got to continue with my project paper writings... heheh.. ;-)

will update again about this next month after the 1st ultrasound scan...


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Mohariz Yaakup said...

daddy sayang mummy... yum yum