Thursday, 26 July 2007

my days for the 'evacuation' at HUKM

22nd july:
at HUKM, i was able to be registered with my sister-in-law's help since she's a doctor there. i had another scan with the doctor there and she confirmed again that it was a 'blighted ovum' case. only God knows how i wish at that time that a miracle could happen. but of course, i understand that... 'itu kehendakNya'.

i was admitted straight away and a series of blood takings, blood pressure tests, etc. were done. it seemed that there were many other serious cases, so i was told that my turn had to be the next day since i had to fast from midnight, as a preparation for the operation. i was quite bored but luckily it was Sunday and my hubby was there to make me feel better and not to think about the miscarriage too much. i was warded together with few pregnant women and some other cases like fibroid case, etc. some of them were even there for more than a month already because of complications. since i had never been admitted for any other case than 'going-to-deliver', so i was quite bored when my hubby had to go. luckily i got through the first night quite well since i was able to have a good sleep (and no nightmares).

23rd july:
the next morning i was told that there are more serious case to be done first, so i guessed my surgery time will be around noon. at around 9am, one of the senior nurses inserted a medicine which will help to dilate and soften my womb, and also open my cervix, so that it is easier for the surgeon to do the suction. i was told that they were going to do a procedure called Evacuation of Retain Product of Conception (ERPOC). the surgeon will insert an instrument to vacuum out the remaining of my miscarriage.

boredom hits me as i didn't know what to do, i couldn't eat or sleep or bathe (they had to insert water through my left hand because i had to fast, so i was told not to get that area wet). about an hour after the medicine insertion, i started to feel the contractions. only God knows how painful it was and my womb was contracting for about 3 hours, nonstop. my hubby was there during the last hour and was helping by rubbing my back constantly. i felt like... giving birth (the contraction was similar as contractions when giving birth).

at around 4pm, i was prepared by the nurses to go into the surgery room. imagine how long i had to wait. after 2 times of bed changing, advices from the surgery nurses of the procedures and general aesthetics, i was fully unconscious for the whole operation. when i woke up, i was already on another bed and costume changed. all was done... i felt a little dizzy until i arrived at the ward again. my hubby was there waiting for me the whole time...

i was advised to try to drink some water and eat. luckily i had a very good appetite and had a good meal after that (my mum-in-law cooked some food for me). i had to stay there for another night (gosh, there goes another boring episode) because they had to wait until i was really fit to be discharged.

24th july:
i was discharged at noon...


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