Sunday, 13 February 2011

Amir Daniel was born

31st Dec 2010:

It was my 38th week check up with my obstetrician, Dr Jamea at Klinik Jameaton. During the whole pregnancy, I never had any issues or problem. During this check up though, the doctor sense that my baby was small for date. Dr Jamea wrote a letter to Hospital Putrajaya for them to check me and for second opinion.

When I arrive at the labor room dept, the medical officer asked me to come back the week after as she didn't see that it was an emergency. She re-schedule me to come back on 4th Jan 2011.

4th Jan 2011:
Amir Daniel was brought into this world...

The queue was extremely long and dragging. I reached the hospital about 8.30am and was only called in around noon. Dr Normila is the first one to check me; she did find that my baby was quite small. She then asked the Dr Marya who was the consultant and Dr Marya had decided that I can be induced since I was already at 39 weeks. I was queued to get the CTG done to check on the baby's heart rate. Dr Marya mentioned that if the baby's heart rate was stable, they will induce me to deliver; if no, I'll have to go through the c-section.

Unfortunately, while doing the CTG, I had one contraction and during that time the baby's heart sounded that it was failing. Without doubt, Dr Marya decided that I should get a cesarean. I waited for more than 15 minutes as they had to find a bed for me in the ward (the ward was full at that time). I was straight away brought to the ward and changed to the hospital's gown. I was quite surprise that suddenly two nurses pushed in an operation bed and asked me to change to the operation gown. They mentioned that the surgeons have called for the next c-section. So, I quickly changed and the nurses did the necessary to prepare me to go to the operation theater. It was all done quite fast.

At the operation theater, the MOs, nurses and surgeons prepared all the necessary tools for the operation and I was given a spinal block to numb half my body (from waist down). The operation was done traumatically (I will write about this experience in another post) and Amir Daniel was born at about 4.25pm. Amir Daniel was a small baby (1.98kg) and he was sent straight to the NICU. I didn't know when they took him out from my tummy nor hear him cry since I passed out during the operation. I regained conciousness after few hours and was brought back to the ward to rest...

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