Saturday, 19 February 2011

Meeting @ Putrajaya

The meeting with the hospital management and the people involved went well yesterday. Below is the summary...

Date: 18th Feb 2011
Time: 3pm
Attendees: Staffs involved during the operation, deputy of the hospital, myself and my husband.

  1. Failed 'spinal' anaesthetic; no general anaesthetic (GA) given immediately as briefed to me before surgery starts.
  2. No info given to parents about baby whereabouts after the surgery.
  3. Wrong antibiotics given; with no alternative antibiotics.
  4. Confirmation on lab test results for chromosome check.
  1. My simple question to them was, why was I not briefed that the entonox gas will be given first (and see if I can bear the pain first) then only convert to GA? After a long explanation from the dept head (which some are irrelevant), she admitted that it was not done as briefed to me and that they will re-look at their SOP on briefing the correct procedure to patients in future.
  2. Head of O&G explained her investigation from the nurse in-charge for this. The nurse was also assigned to assist the doctor in-charge of the baby, in trying to save the baby (baby Amir Daniel was born 'flat line'). The delay of informing was due to this; the nurse couldn't find my husband after that but assumed that my husband knows what happened since she was told that he had already went to NICU to look for the baby. Wrong assumption by nurse.
  3. Explained what happened in the ward where the nurse advised me to just 'take it or leave it' (after I mentioned that I am allergic to the same group of antibiotics); and senior pharmacists also confirmed that I can take the antibiotics. Head of O&G admitted that this is a negligence by the staff. The nurse should have referred to the MO in-charge and I should be given an alternative antibiotics instead for my wounds. Plus, the nurse is NOT AUTHORIZE to give such advice to a patient. Even the senior pharmacist made a wrong decision! Because of this, I had rashes for days. This is a medical negligence and the hospital can be sued.
  4. Doctor from NICU confirmed that the chromosomes were sent to HKL instead of LPPKN since HKL normally do a detailed test, rather than LPPKN. This test results may take up to 6 months. Hhhmmm....
There are few other minor matters raised - pathway to the morgue issue, attitudes of the nurses, etc. which I do not mention here. The meeting was about an hour. Anyway, I have requested for them to re-reply my complaint letter; admitting their negligence and written apology...

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